About OTM Boykins

We are located in beautiful Mountain Brook, Alabama which is in the suburbs of Birmingham.

Our dogs live in the house and hunt ducks, doves, chukar and pheasants. They participate in UKC-HRC hunt tests and in the Boykin Spaniel Society Upland and Spring Retriever Nationals.

All pups are whelped in our home and are handled and socialized with our children daily. Our goal is to produce highly socialized pups that are ready to learn when they leave our home.

We are active in the Boykin Spaniel Society and Midsouth Boykin Spaniel Retriever Club.

Periodically we sell puppies to CAREFULLY SCREENED hunting and hunt-test families.

We are Boykin Spaniel Society Lifetime Members.

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General Description of a Boykin Spaniel

Medium in size, sturdy, docked tails with long spaniel ears

Coats: short to medium in leangth, straight to moderately wavy & has light feathering on the ears, legs, feet, chest and underbelly. Color: ranges from rich liver to dark chocolate.

Weighing: 20-40lbs.
Height: 15-18 inches

Boykin Spaniels are first & foremost a hunting dog with proven retrieving & flushing abilities characterized by boundless enthusiasm & endurance, moderate speed & agility. Boykin spaniels make the transition from hunting companion to family pet easily. They are highly intelligent & possess a great desire to PLEASE making the Boykin easy to train. This breed is full of enthusiasm for hunting and is suited for an active family. The compact size allows a family on the go to include their Boykin on many outings. The breed has boundless energy & requires exercise. They are good swimmers, taking to water easily. The Boykin spaniel is valued for their water retrieving as well as field flushing & retrieving. They are outgoing toward people and children & loyal companions in the home & field.

 For more information visit The Boykin Spaniel Society



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